Pig Roast….hand carved and falling off the bone!

Applewood Smoked Whole Pig

served with grilled pineapple, slider buns, soft tortillas, pico de gallo & sweet heat

Hot off the Grill

Certified Angus Hamburgers & Cheeseburgers

juicy, seasoned & grilled fresh, served with Joe’s fixins

All Beef Dogs

grilled to perfection

Choose 1

BBQ Grilled Chicken Breast

boneless, marinated & grilled fresh….lip-smakin BBQ sauce

Georgia Chopped Chicken

chicken barbecue, smoked, chopped & simmered in Georgia mustard sauce

Joe’s Sides….choose 2

Classic Caesar Salad
Mixed Green Salad with white balsamic vinaigrette
Tuscan Pasta Salad
Tomato & Mozz
Dottie’s Three-Bean Salad
Santa Fe Black Bean Salad
Sweet Jersey Corn Cob-ettes
Grilled Mexican Street Corn
Gussied up Taters
Corn Puddin

Compliments of Joe

Red Skin Potato Salad
Joe’s Slow Baked Beans
Confetti Slaw
Sliced Watermelon

Included of Course

Premium Plastic Plates & Utensils, Paper Napkins, Cooking Equipment& Grills, Staffing, Buffet Tables & Linens, Chafers, Sternos & Serving Utensils